Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I'm thankful for (16/03/12)

God DOES listen and answers prayers...
Even if is the littlest thing you could ask for...
Like a parking space...
My classmates and I just finish our Semester 4 final presentation and we decided to head out for lunch and celebrate. We went to a place where it is super hard to get a parking and where parking-behind-a-car-which-makes-it-an-illegal-double-parking-is-and-you-just-need-to-leave-your-number-on-the-car-and-you-can-just-park-there. Did I mention that we used five cars? No? Well, I just did. ^^
Well, one car found a spot and the other four cars went around the block to find parking. So the car I was in, went few rounds (I think the others went a few rounds too). So after few blocks, I got so fed up of peeping my head out like a tortoise looking for cars to come out of the parking spaces. Plus, it was under hot weather and we were HUNGRAY!!!. I calmed myself down and started praying. It was a super short prayer. Literally few seconds later, a car came out right in front of our eyes!!!! I was like "OMGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!" We didn't get that spot in the end. :( Wanna know why? Some lady already had her eyes on that spot so she stood there while her friend comes along with the car. So, we decided to turn in and go another round looking for parking space. Guess what? The moment we turned in, we saw a car's reverse light on and the car in front of us just went by. I was like "OMGEEEEE!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!" for the second time.
So yeah, we got a parking spot and it turns out to be slightly nearer to the restaurant that we're going to.
YAY!!! We ate, had wonderful time with each other and we went somewhere else.. XD

God does listens and answers to our prayer even the littlest ones.
Don't give up. Keep praying.

Have a nice day

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I'm thankful for (07/03/12)

It's wednesday today and I have Malaysian Studies exam.
For those of you that don't know what's that, it's like history, except it's all about Malaysian history. I didn't like taking this subject, not that I don't like history, I actually love history, but I don't like being pressured to know more about it. At first I thought, "well, at least it's in English and it's kinda like studying what I learn back in high school". Few weeks into this subject, I realize I rather study it in the Malay language rather than English. Mainly it's because during my high school years, we spend two years learning that stuff before taking the important exams, thus enable me to remember some history in Malay language which means I can't remember much in English.
So anyways, it was the final exam today and I'm hoping I pass so I won't have to reseat the exam. I stayed up almost the entire night before the exam which was yesterday which was actually to be exact, super early in the morning today. I wouldn't say I studied, I just read through some notes and had a skype conference call to some of my classmates discussing the notes. Eventually I gave up and sleep for two hours and got up and get ready to head to college. Read a few more pages before the exam, gave up, and went for the exam. I was like really nervous.
Ok, so here's the me being thankful part of the story. I read the questions and to my surprise, the subjective part was something I could answer, and it was like 3 out of 5 questions. I was practically smiling before I actually began the paper. Guess what's the question about. It was about Malaysian election. It just so happen that my group did a presentation on the title ELECTION and the questions that came out where EXACTLY the sub-titles I did for the presentation. So I was like :DDDD to the max. So can you see how I can be happy about it? The bonus thing about the exam today was that I was able to answer most of the objective questions. I was surprise to know that I know the answers.
As for the other two questions, I gave up on it XD and so did the essay parts.
So yeah, I'm thankful that I'm able to answer those questions though it may not be many. I just hope that it's enough to pass. :)

Have a nice day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update #2

So I had dinner with a few people from CPY yesterday like any other Saturdays...
and my friend started telling all her childhood stories. It made me think about my childhood. All the things that we did as a kid. Most of the things we did, kids nowadays won't have the same experience. Anyways, I want to share my experience here and maybe if you remember some of your childhood stories, let me know.

On the second agenda...
I haven't been posting much towards the end of last year so I'm making up for it now.
I'm making sure these three months I will post more blog post and work on my business. For my friends who are reading this, can do me a favor? Help me remind me if I'm slacking off. Thanks

Why these three months you ask?
It's because I'm having a short sem now(new college's system pfft) which means this month I won't be doing much designing for my course and more of studying on lan subjects such as Malaysian Studies and what not which means I have more time(actually don't have but yeah, more time than those semesters where I need to design stuff).

So anyways, thanks for sticking with me throughout 2011 and those new readers out there, HI!!!!

Have a nice day!

Friday, December 23, 2011

MLM: Sem 2 is over!!!

At least I hope that's the end of it. I hope that I can pass and move on to the next semester.
So sorry haven't been posting. I was super duper busy and when holiday started, I took time to replace the sleeping time that I have been missing out on the pass three weeks..
So anyways, like I promise, I am now telling you about how semester 2 was for me even though I'm extremely lazy right now which means I'll cut it short.
So for the beginning of Sem 2 was boring as we just started learning about the course we are taking and things are going slow as it's the first time all of us learn whatever it is that we are learning.. Basically the first few week was quite free for us. So free that we went to the mall almost everyday, went to watch movie, went for karaoke, went to the arcade and even went to Malacca. Yes, we even went outstation. Decided and went on the same day.
Few weeks later, assignments starting to pile up. There's a lot of drawings we have to do and since it's our first time doing so, we took awhile to finish it thus dragging datelines. Most of the equipment used to draw stuffs were freaking expensive.
During the last few weeks of Semester 2, most of us overnight at McDonalds almost 3 times a week maybe more. Why you ask? We were rushing assignments. We have two projects each semester and since we're beginners, we took a long time to do the first project thus creating less time for the second project. This is just for one class. We had other assignments for other class too but this one was the major one. Sort of.
Thankful to have lecturers who let us drag datelines. I feel bad though seeing how I'm the only one who ask for delay when it's for everyone's good. Anyways, my lecturer is leaving(and he's the best one of all!!!) T^T
Sem 2 was great although we're like super exhausted and super stress every time. Gain new friends and lose few friends due to the group thingy they did on us. There used to be a group C and D for Interior Designers and now there's a Group A and B which they mixed us up so we're no longer with most of our friends from the previous group. We're still friends with some of them but friendship with the others have been way distant. Anyways, to those going to the next same, all the best, may we not repeat what we did this sem. To those that didn't make it, may you work harder than the previous sem.

To April Intake Interior Designers, Happy Holidays and rest well and prepare for the next sem.
To my fellow readers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Have a nice day!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Ok, so I haven't been on my blog for awhile.. I'm actually busy with college's assignment. I just want to say something real quick. I wanted to post it as a status update on Facebook but I realize it was too long so I just put it here...

I just want to say...
Take every new day as a day to have another day to live. Another day to be with the ones you love, another day to forgive those that hurt you, another day to say you're sorry to those you've hurt, another day to thank those that helped you, another day with brand new experiences, another day to be a better person, another day to be grateful God gave you another day... There's a reason that you have another day to live. Do not take a new day for granted. Do not treat it just as a new day. Treat it as a chance for you to do good.

This is something I truly believe, thought I don't practice it that much due to certain circumstances but starting today, I'm gonna change, I want to look at things in brighter way. I'm sick of my old life and sick of complaining about it all the time. I keep saying that I want to be a change in the world but I keep holding on to my old bad habits. I'll slowly change for the better. Just you wait and see. I hope that you will join me in appreciating the days ahead of you. Do not take it for granted. Make full use of it.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MLM: I got shot!

If you're thinking of what I think you're thinking which is getting shot by a gun then you're wrong.
I'm talking about injection.
Let me rewind to last month. So, I went back to my hometown during my Semester break, just two weeks before Hari Raya. A week before that my mother went for a blood test and her results say that she have this sickness that I forgot the name. The doctor say that it is genetic, which means my sister and I can inherit it. So, just so happen that I came back for holiday, my mother ask me go take the blood test. I like and hate taking blood test. I like the fact that I get to see my blood(yes, I know I'm weird). I hate the fact that after the injection they put the plaster on arm and it's super sticky and when you take it out, it hurts like ^$%^#$ because it pulls my skin hairs.. Anyways, I got the results and I don't have what my mother have but the doctor ask me to take the hepatitis injection and I have to take both A and B. I was like What? I have to take two shots, then the doctor say, no la, just once, just combine into one(was relief a lil). I had to take it because doctor say if I study in KL, there is a chance that I get the Hepatitis A or B disease because I eat out all the time. So it's like a safety precaution.
So I have my first jab in Kuching from one of the private clinics around the Timberland area. The doctor so handsome. XD
Anyways, I have to have two more jab. So I have to take it here in KL. I just went for my second jab about two days ago.
I was at the clinic and this lady walk in. Guess who she was..
A freaking celebrity!! One of the Malay actress that I forgot her name... Something something Ahmad. I can't remember.
So, my first jab was at my left shoulder which was weird. My arm hurt the whole day. Someone purposely hit me again..
Then my second jab was at my left arm near my BCG scar which still hurt till this day. My friend went to hit me, twice, can't blame her thought, she didn't know, I only told her after she hit me twice.
My conclusion, inject at the shoulder is less painful than inject at the arm. I couldn't sleep well because of my second jab because I always sleep on my left side so it hurts so badly.
*sigh* I have five months left until my last jab.
So, what's your story? Have you recently get an injection or blood test? Do you have a "pain" story to tell? Share share ya?

Have a nice day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Update #1

Ok, so I decided that I'm gonna add another segment called Testimony because I feel that some things are worth telling. They are true stories that I believe it should be shared. It may not be useful to you but it may impact a life. You never know what you do or go through may encourage people.
Second agenda, I know I haven't tell you about my second semester and how's it like so far but I will post about it someday. Hopefully I can do it by next week.
Third, I want to bring back my movie reviews segment. For the pass few months I feel that I didn't have the will to write reviews anymore but lastly, that passion came back. I know my reviews are not the best reviews but it's just my point of view. It's up to you to agree or disagree. Either way, just read it.

Thanks for reading my blog. I need feedback.

Have a nice day!